TRAVELTEK was founded in 2013 by two executives with over 45 years of combined experience in the corporate retail marketing, sales and service sector of consumer electronic industry.

The TRAVELTEK Brand Debut on the Home Shopping channel "Shop NBC" in October of 2013 with over 100,000 Android Tablet sales in 60 days, totaling $6.5 million in gross sales. Our goal was then and still is today, to offer bulk manufacturing and import of consumer electronics products for a very aggressive low cost, matched with excellent U.S. warranty services.

TRAVELTEK is not only a Laptop and Tablet Brand, we offer Educational (EDU), Commercial, Retailers, E-tailers, Distributors and Wholesaler our low cost high quality brand on any consumer electronics from HDTV to flashlights for bulk orders, "if they make it we can brand it" in bulk at the lowest costs, highest quality, 1000pc minimum per order. 

 TRAVELTEK's parent company W&W Global Trading LLC is partners with one of the largest State-owned China ODM manufacturing group that offers the highest quality guaranteeing the lowest costs for all bulk manufactured imports.

TRAVELTEK offers a full U.S. based warranty on all it's imported products, at it's full warranty repair service center in Los Angeles CA.