ODM/OEM Manufacturing Advantages

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufactures an existing public-design that is then private labeled, packaged with brand and logo.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufactures and designs a new product from the ground up.

W&W Global Trading has partnered with the largest consumer electronics/general merchandise ODM/OEM China State-owned bulk manufacturing factory groups in China. Over 400 ODM/OEM factories are collectively in this Government funded consumer electronic factory group. W&W Global Trading works directly with the Shenzhen head office to develop product bids and works with the chosen ODM/OEM factories during production to assure quality control.

W&W Global Trading provides the highest quality at the lowest costs because the Government owns and controls all material costs, plus for qualified Corporations, 60-90 day PO or Inventory financing through a State-owned China export finance corp. called "Sinosure" (http://www.sinosure.com.cn/en/) to qualified corporations for bulk orders. A Company LC + 10% deposit to start production for qualified start ups and small corporations are also available for orders, 1000pc minimum per order.

W&W Global Trading also has very strong developed relationships with "privately owned" ODM/OEM factories in China, Taiwan, India and South Africa that can also offer competitive pricing matched with good quality product design. Payment terms are typically 30% cash down to start production and 70% cash paid when production is completed EX factory. 1000pc minimum per order. Cash is king and can be used to leverage the lowest cost always.

Other Advantages:

  • Consumer Electronics and or General Merchandise ODM/OEM manufacturing
  • Customized Packaging
  • High number of qualified reliable OEM and ODM manufacturers to choose from
  • One-stop complete OEM manufacturing services from concept to final production & import
  • Built up existing relationships with qualified reliable ODM and OEM factories in China, Taiwan & South Africa
  • Overseeing full production processes including packaging, inspections, customs, import and full U.S. warranty of product
  • Inspections throughout the entire production process by our qualified inspectors to insure quality control
  • 10 years of manufacturing & import experience in Consumer Electronics
  • Goggle & Microsoft Certified and an Intel partner, manufacturing Tablets and Laptops, brand TRAVELTEK since 2013
  • ODM Private labeling of Google and Microsoft devices
  • Hong Kong Office with Business license & bank account
  • Safe 3rd party sourcing from established quality ODM manufacturers in China, India & South Africa
  • Ability to create and brand your own unique image & product to spec
  • Guaranteed low cost high quality production
  • On-site inspections of manufacturing facilities
  • Final inspections of products before shipping from the factory
  • Choose from existing styles/models or create your own products
  • Latest public product design
  • Quick OEM production from concept to import
  • All products fully warranted in the U.S. for all imports
  • Quick response times to all inquiries from the China State-owned & Private owned ODM/OEM factories
  • Chinese personnel who understand the Chinese culture and speak the dialects to communicate efficiently