Private labeling refers to a brand owned not by a manufacturer or producer, but by a retailer or supplier who gets its goods made by a contract OEM manufacturer under its own label. Companies who use private labeling as a business model, do so primarily because they pay less for privately labeled products vs. other national brands. Naturally, lower prices equate to higher profit margins. On average a private label retailer experiences 10% to 20% higher profit margins than traditional branded companies.

Other benefits of private labeling through W&W Global Trading include:

  • Safe 3rd party sourcing from established quality manufacturers in China & South Africa
  • Ability to create and brand your own unique image & product to spec
  • Guaranteed low cost high quality production
  • Following the entire process of production to assure product is made to spec requirements
  • On-site inspections of manufacturing & facilities
  • Final inspections of products before shipping from the factory
  • Choose from existing styles or models or create your own products
  • Quick production from concept to import
  • All products fully warranted in the U.S. for all imports