W&W Global Trading LLC was founded in 2005 as an importer of closeout consumer electronics from China. In 2008 W&W Global Trading became a partner with CEIEC, (http://www.ceiec.com), which is a China Government sales force for China's State-owned factories called CEC (www.cec.com.cn). Our function was to approached established U.S. consumer electronic brands to manufacture their products through CEC's 200 State-owned factories. In April 2013 W&W Global Trading was approached by a large privately owned Chinese ODM factory that manufactured Android Tablets, they had just ended a Tablet partnership with “POLAROID” and asked us to start a new U.S. Android Tablet brand with their full factory support. W&W Global Trading formed a new brand called "TRAVELTEK" and debuted 10 new android Tablet models on a Home Shopping Channel called "SHOP NBC" in October 2013, selling over 100k Tablets in 60 days totaling over 7 million in sales by 12/31/13.

In 2014 W&W Global Trading became a "Google certified" Android Tablet Brand which allowed us to manufacture Google devices for our brand and for non certified Google partners. Since 2014 W&W Global Trading has attended all the main Factory trade shows in Hong Kong and China twice a year, developing partnership with a large base of consumer electronic ODM/OEM manufacturers from the private sector and government sector of China. 2016 W&W Global Trading became a Microsoft and Intel partner, manufacturing TRAVELTEK Windows Tablets and Windows Laptops. We can use our ODM to manufacture for brands that were not certified by Microsoft or Google. 2017-2019 W&W Global Trading introduced its TRAVELTEK Travelbook line of Windows 10 Microsoft Laptops, partnering with PCM/Tiger Direct, Newegg, Ingram Micro and Amazon for distribution.

W&W Global Trading is a "Manufacturing Partner" offering the benefits of its very well developed reliable supply chain + PO financing to qualified corporations placing bulk orders. W&W Global Trading can source any consumer electronic product through its vast ODM supply chain to have it manufactured and private labeled, offering the most aggressive pricing on any consumer electronic product. W&W Global Trading provides full R&D services as well as supervising the production and import of all products being manufactured. W&W Global Trading provides a full warranty on all it's imported products in the U.S. through our Southern California full service warranty repair facility or offers a percentage of spare units. W&W Global Trading can lower manufacturing and import costs, monitor the full production cycle, at the same time it can also offer PO financing for qualified Corporations through the cooperation of the Chinese State-owned banking system in parallel with government or private sector run ODM factories.

Over the years, there’s been an influx in the number of companies that have taken up private labeling as a viable business model. At first glance, private labeling seems easy enough, but upon further inspection, companies have found that it can become challenging. Private labeling has a lot of benefits from a branding perspective, one of the biggest hurdles in this obstacle course is sourcing the best private label ODM manufacturer for your product. W&W Global Trading uses ODM manufactures to import its own brand called TRAVELTEK, (http://www.traveltekusa.com), and also Private Labels other brands for import into the U.S. from China, South Africa, India and Taiwan. We welcome your inquires and look forward to serving your manufacturing needs.